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"When we are willing to consider new possibilities, 
we open ourselves up to transformation."

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In 2011 I completed a PhD on creativity. This led me to a deep conviction that we are not only born with an innate desire to live and learn, but also to thrive. To do this we need to express ourselves creatively, delving deeply to discover who we are, while trusting ourselves to bring to light our childlike dreams and hopes. In time, this reveals our truest nature that will gain fulfilment through our actions. In 'Creativity: Stepping into Wholeness', I share insights to show that creativity is intrinsic to all of us, and that nurturing it will help us thrive.

Dr Helen Ferrara

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Creativity: Stepping into Wholeness sheds light on what being human is all about. Disguised as a book, it is more of an open-ended conversation that encourages you to go within and discover your true colours. 

Backed by research and a multiplicity of voices, this book breaks through the stifling belief that we must ‘colour within the lines.’ It is an inspirational guide to nurturing creativity and embracing a holistic way of being.

"In today's stressed, compartmentalised world, creativity is of enormous importance. In this far-reaching book, Dr Ferrara plumbs the depths of the subject, illuminating its vital implications for our lives - personal, social, political, and spiritual. read the work is to be immersed in the 'beingness' which lies at its core. In every respect, an outstanding piece of work." - Patricia Harris - Emeritus Professor in Sociology and Social Policy, Murdoch University.

This invigorating read is an in-depth exploration into the importance of nurturing creativity. In a society that focuses on achievement and competition, creativity for its own sake tends to be undervalued. Dr Ferrara uses scholarly research and personal experience to show the reader that not only is creativity to be valued, but it is, in fact, essential for one’s wellbeing. ...This book is the perfect guide to nurturing creativity and embracing a more holistic way of being.    


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