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The Power of Words

Words are powerful, perhaps we don't realise just how much. I see writing as weaving meaning with words, and words as being colourful bits of light and sound which can be woven together to make magic - this magic is communication! Our whole world relies on communication and more and more on written communication... the art of writing is weaving words together to form a texture that allows meaning to flow directly from what we want to say to those we'd like to say it to. This allows us to connect, transporting the recipient of the words to the world of the one creating the words. Think of how deeply you can be in a story, transported there by the play of your imagination and that of the of the writer

Editing is the word weaver's magic tool that can gently disentangle bumps and snatches in the fabric of communication and then reconnect the words together as smoothly and flowingly as possible. This creates textures that can be dazzingly beautiful, encircling those who read them with delight ... at the very least it creates clear and flowing communication. And it makes connection between us more and more possible.

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