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When the glitch is the messenger

This was from a few years ago, a true story I had originally published in one of the 365 books edited by Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck

I look everywhere I can think of. I’m searching for the notes on the Third Eye Chakradance class I’ll be facilitating on my own tonight. I have found the notes for all the other workshops in the cycle, but the ones I need remain elusive. A text to my colleague, asking her to email them, had finally reached her hours after I’d sent it; but she was by then waiting to board her flight home so couldn’t access her computer.

Finally, with only minutes to spare before I have to leave, I locate the original flash-drive the notes were on. Yes, they’re there! With a sigh of relief I prepare to print them out, but my printer keeps jamming on the first page.

I try printing them six times... clearing the paper and resetting everything.

When the echo of my colourful expletives fades enough, I finally hear the 'little voice' inside me trying to tell me that I’m not to take any notes with me. I’m being told to trust my intuition and act on my insights, thereby truly living the message of the Third Eye. So I Trust, spontaneously saying what I feel called to say during the workshop. Later, a number of participants share that I have spoken some very significant phrases, different for each, that caused major shifts within them as they danced. Had I had the notes, this couldn’t have happened.

The next morning I have mixed feelings about trying to print something - now I will find out whether it has all just been a coincidence, an unlucky happenstance. Opening a document on my MacBook, and almost holding my breath, I tentatively send it to be printed… it works perfectly on the first try.

I feet elated, as well as hugely grateful and humbled. I don't easily 'lose my cool', but the printer jamming that many times was really exasperating; it had certainly served to make me pay attention. Now the message has been confirmed - my intuition and higher self connect me to the Universe with a strength that I would never have imagined.

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