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The Goodness of everyday life

Another story published in the 365 Book series

There appears to me to be a fundamental Goodness intrinsic to life. What has brought me to believe this, are the way things change for the better all the times I have earnestly asked for help, sometimes through prayer, when I have desperately felt to be at the end of my tether. This is confirmed by how solutions unfold when I ask for a ‘benevolent outcome’ - from the seemingly banal like finding a parking spot, to the healing of someone or a situation for the highest good of all involved.

Some may call this ‘Goodness’ - Love, God, Spirit, the Universe, Beloved … or other names, depending on beliefs and affiliations. No matter what I’ve called It, this hasn’t affected Its presence in my life. I can barely comprehend how vast and unconditional this Goodness is if I but call on It, though if I don’t then I’m left to my own devices. It’s my choice, but there is never any rancour – I may give up on It, I’m totally free to, but It never gives up on me, and when I choose to listen I hear It as the most beautiful voice within me.

It may be ‘invisible’, in the sense that It is not like you or me, but we are part of It, and It connects us all (if we let It) in a whole huge collective of Goodness. It is mother, father, brother, sister, friend and teacher, and I’m often brought to tears and to laughter at the sheer wonder of It. More and more I’ve felt called by It to live deeper than I have been, by trusting and being all I can be. The feeling of answering that call is amazing; there is nothing I have to prove, and it is as if I can trust myself to fly, knowing I’ll be safely held if ever I fall or falter. There’s never coercion or threat of punishment - that is only in the realm of the man-made. Instead, I feel as if I’m a young child to It, always beloved.

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