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Body Wisdom

This was my very first true story published in 2016 in Jodi Chapman's and Dan Teck's 365 book series - '365 Moments of Grace':

Waking during the night, my first sensation is one of pain – of stiffness and aching in the middle of my chest. I’m barely awake, but a fluttering of fear nudges me. (We’ve been trained “well,” and certain symptoms evoke almost automatic responses.)

Giving more attention to my body, I become aware of pain along my whole left arm, the back of my neck, and the middle of my back. My whole body feels stiff. Fearful words begin to coalesce within me (What if…) but they’re interrupted when my right arm moves as if by its own accord, and my right hand begins massaging precise spots on my neck and back. Pretty soon, all the pain has disappeared; I curl and stretch, easing my stiffness.

From my side of the bed, I can see some of the sky. There’s no moon, just a few stars in the velvety blackness of the warm night. As I lie there, fully awake now, I wonder at how my body knew just what to do.

My awareness feels expanded – it’s as though I can “think” with every part of me and sense all that’s around. A faint silver glow fills the room. All is peacefully silent throughout the house – the only sounds are the gentle breathing of my husband and daughters.

I shift my attention to the open window and sense the ‘breath’ of the grass and plants in the garden. Though still lying in bed, I feel enveloped and supported by the air in the sky. I’m in total comfort; nothing demands my attention, and I feel like all is right with the world – that everything has been taken care of and there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.

From this vantage point of expansion and oneness, I feel timeless, and reviewing a cascade of brilliant insights seems the perfect thing to do. I enjoy them without worrying that I might forget them, trusting instead that I’ll be able to access them again when the time is right.

By the morning, they’re gone. I can’t even remember falling asleep, but my appreciation for my body’s wisdom and this grace-filled experience is everlasting.

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