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Creativity is not prescriptive

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

There is something I need to share. Even though I thoroughly speak of it in my book, I have not 'spelt it out' enough, and it is something that is hugely important for informing the choices we make, so as to implement the changes we can bring to the world.

The main message is this - each of us is completely unique - this has been proven in many ways by many scholars and researchers. I believe what we are called to do in this world is discover at least some of that uniqueness as well as empower ourselves to express it. I know, and have experienced, that this will bring us joy, creativity, and help us to live more fulfilled lives, as well as also enable us to help others.

Now, a little 'bugbear' I have is that in addition to all the obstacles we face in the world there also seems to be a lot of well-meaning help standing in the way of this. These are namely most of the countless self-help books, courses, webinars, and so on and so on, that are very prescriptive and give precise techniques of what to do. Of course they have worked wonderfully well for those who wrote them, because they in fact were revealed to them - THEY WERE BASICALLY 'CUSTOM MADE' FOR THEM BY THEIR AUTHORS' UNIQUENESS AS THEY LISTENED TO THEMSELVES.

However, wanting to now pass on these techniques (often selling them as 'know-how') and expect others to follow them to the letter, is, I suggest, a gross underestimation of others' uniqueness, ability and creativity, and at the same time it is also a huge over-inflation of one's ego.

I have thought a lot about this, and I am not about to apologise for what I have just said.

In many cases those trying out the techniques would invariably find that these don't work for them as well as they had hoped, so adding to the disappointment (which in the circumstances of healing could in fact be disastrous) these results might well lead them to see themselves as failures.

What could be done instead (and this is thankfully starting to happen more and more) is that experiences and know-how could be shared (maybe even for a monetary return) simply as ways that certain things have been achieved. This would inspire others while, however, leave them free to adjust what was shared according to how their own uniqueness saw fit, so as to make this workable for them!

I hope this all makes sense, I feel incredibly strongly about this, as rather than being prescribed to, which is just another way of imposing authority and control on others - and we have too much of that already! - what everyone needs is to be empowered and inspired.

Following the teachings of one of my drama lecturers, who had also acquired this, it is useful when following any directions and guidance, to adopt whatever resonates and adapt the rest to suit yourself.

Much love.

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