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Not a warrior, a brave

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

The idea for this blog came from a Facebook post, where a comment from a friend gave me the opportunity to talk about 'fighting'. I share it here as it is becoming more and more vital to say 'what's what', to speak up and be willing to point out the flaws of many of our commonly accepted assumptions. It's important to see how they hold us back from loving each other properly, and from growing and evolving to all we could truly be.

Basically, I do not fight, I stand my ground and am prepared to negotiate and explain things forever; this involves no fighting. I am not a warrior; I am a brave. I do not employ harmful tactics, rather I shed light on things courageously so they might be seen more clearly. In my book Creativity Stepping into Wholeness, I look at this thoroughly and explain why the concept of fighting and being a warrior (even a 'spiritual' warrior) is ultimately doing us a grave disservice - by fighting we can become a 'loser', and fighting divides us into teams, camps, parties, and all sorts of other arbitrary names that only serve to sow discord. This also makes reconciliation, moving forward, and growing in love incredibly difficult.

Militaristic language is used by our ruling hierarchy to capitulate our values and integrity, reducing them to fit rigid yes/no boxes. Even though we are told that we can achieve greatness through 'fighting’, ultimately this only serves the interests of a very small number of self-appointed so called elites. And using this language in our everyday makes us more open to accepting not just the concept, but also the reality of fighting.

Fighting has turned our world into something that is very toxic - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually (even though fortunately Love is still ever-present). Thus people like me can end up ill, as we care so very much and are proverbially 'canary-like', this is also why it is important for me to speak up very clearly.

I do not see the body as a fighting ground, even though medicine invariably makes it so and persuasively speaks of fighting all diseases. I believe that the body responds to the toxicity it picks up from the environment in the best way it can, whereby 'diseases' often sadly seem to be the result. Yet these diseases are ever evolving and changing, and if medicine was more holistic and worked with nature and our bodies, instead of against them, it would use better modalities that didn't involve horrible side effects that are so often worse that what the 'medicines' are supposed to cure. Fortunately, this is slowly changing, even though acceptable alternatives and holistic (making whole what is fragmented) ways of healing are still not easily found, they will be soon …

Basically, to support this, it is necessary to remove 'fighting' from our vocabulary and also from our lives for our own good. This will foster wholeness, flow and harmony, allowing us to fully grow to our most wondrous potential. Try replacing those all the words linked to fighting and war that you automatically use. You'll need to be creative; give it a few weeks and notice the changes that unfold. Then if you like share them with us ...

Much love to you all.

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