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The Car from Heaven

Following on from last week's blog, here is an example of a time I did ask for a benevolent outcome. It is an edited version of what was originally published in Life Shifts in 2017:

I had been dreaming of a new car for a while; my current one was unreliable. However, not having had good experiences in finding and buying cars I was anxious about it, and kept putting it off.

Deciding to face my fear, I finally asked for Divine guidance. As soon as I did that I received news that Tom, my husband's older brother who lived on the other side of the country, had been hit by a car. He was in intensive care with two broken ribs, and was in danger of getting pneumonia due to his lungs’ conditions as a heavy smoker.

While sending Love and Light and asking for all to go well, a friend’s young grandchild (Nathan) was admitted to hospital with meningitis. My prayers opened to include him, and at eh same time I abandoned all thoughts of a possible new car. A day later, Tom’s condition seemed to be worsening, yet I had a strong sense that all would be well and kept asking for benevolent outcomes for both him and Nathan.

Before a week had passed Tom was able to go home fully recovered, and the day after that so did Nathan. Although I had been quite certain of this outcome, I was still very grateful. I was reluctant however, to return to finding a car again. A new car seemed very unimportant compared to human lives, and having grown up believing that I should sacrifice personal gratification for more important things, I couldn’t resume asking for help.

That evening I sensed my sister very close to me, it was some years since she had passed, and she had been quite into cars. I felt reassured by her that I could ask for help in finding a car. I was clearly shown that the Love that cares for us, and guides us, is Infinite and Unconditional, and when motivated by love we can ask for all that we need or want. When we stop and think about it, so much in our lives is, or can be, motivated by love, we simply need to hold that in our hearts and ask.

So I asked in my heart, then went online and within minutes I found the exact car I had hoped for, down to the colour. It was the only one available, and I bought it the very next day.

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