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When I Grow Up...

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

How often did you get asked this question - "What do you want to do/be when you grow up?" And how has it all ended up for you?

I don't think it's ever too late for the reminder that you can be true to yourself and let your 'career' mirror who you are. To shed more light on this, here is a true story I had published in Dan Teck's latest (2022) collaborative book titled - Soul Biz -

When I was a young child, I was often asked what I wanted to do, or be, when I grew up. This would invariably set me off into a daydream, as I tried on different roles in my imagination, wondering which one I liked best.

In my last years of high school, the same question took on a serious tone, and became more insistent. We graduating students were told to plan for our higher education by choosing subjects that would preferably lead us to our chosen careers. Making those choices was not meant to be an impossible puzzle; however, what if my ideal career did not exist? That was some forty years ago, and indeed, what if it still doesn’t?

As a sensitive deep thinker, I’ve always been aware that much of reality remains unaddressed. Because of this, I’ve been fascinated by all manner of communication, including reading and writing. Thus, my work has included researching, tutoring, mentoring, teaching, facilitating, editing, and writing. In all of these, I’ve been happiest when I’ve felt free to share the insights of my understanding as they came to me, guided by an inner compass. This also made me feel most whole, following spirit rather than the confines of my “pay grade.”

I know I’m really “working” my best when I forget myself and I’m in the flow, and I see this as soulful work. It is almost like meditating, as I lose my awareness of where “I” end and the passion for what I’m explaining begins, connecting to those who are listening and conversing with me, or reading what I’m writing. What I am aware of is the light that glows within me and is reflected by those I’m communicating with.

When I was ill in 2021, I despaired that perhaps I would never get to do what I had wanted to “when I grew up.” Then, as I started to align myself more to my soul’s desire so as to aid my recovery, I also started to realise that maybe I have indeed already begun, and that it is all unfolding even now, in whatever ways that may be…

How is your life reflecting what you want to do and be?

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